Lemon Tomato Pasta

Lemon Tomato Pasta

This recipe uses flavoured oils for a tasty and healthy meal with minimal chopping. The amounts are not specific because it really is a quick dinner and you can adjust the flavours as you wish.

Serves 1


1 serving of pasta. I used dried bucatini, so adjust the pasta cooking times according to what the packaging tells you.

2 medium/large tomatoes

1/2 onion

splash of White Balsamic Vinegar, you can use Balsamic Di Modena instead, it will just darken the sauce slightly  

glug of Rapeseed Oil with Garlic or Olive Oil with Garlic

splash of Rapeseed Oil with Lemon 

drizzle of Olive Oil with Basil or Rapeseed Oil with Basil (optional)

salt flakes


1) Put a saucepan of water on to boil.

2) Chop the onion and tomatoes.

3) Add the garlic oil to a medium frying pan on a medium-low heat. Add the onion and tomato.

4) Cook these gently while your pasta water boils, stirring occasionally to help the tomatoes break down.

5) Put the pasta into the saucepan once the water boils.

6) Add the vinegar and lemon oil plus a pinch of salt and stir in. Continue to cook the sauce on a low heat while the pasta cooks. Turn the heat off once the tomatoes have broken down and the onions are soft.

7) Once the pasta is cooked, drain it. Stir both the sauce and pasta together in the saucepan and then plate.

8) Finish with basil oil or fresh basil leaves and a good sprinkling of salt for crunch. 


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