Spiced New Potatoes

Spiced New Potatoes

Amazing with Rich & Creamy Mayo  
I served this with tuna steak, samphire and fried mushrooms.


Veggie Rub 03

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

New Potatoes

Onion (sliced)

Red Pepper (sliced)

Yelllow Pepper (sliced)



1) Halve the potatoes. Add them and a couple of centimetres of water to a microwaveable container with a lid. Microwave for 8 mins (9000W) or until soft enough to put a fork in. You can boil them in a saucepan instead if you prefer.

2) Add a glug of oil to a frying pan and fry the peppers and onions to soften them. Cooking the onions for a longer time and on a lower heat will result in sweeter onions.

3) Add the potatoes to the pan and sprinkle with Veggie Rub and stir. I’d add 1/2tsp to a tsp of rub at a time and taste the veg to see if it’s seasoned to your liking. Add more oil if needed.

4) When it tastes how you’d like and the potatoes are slightly crispy, serve and enjoy!

This recipe is vegan and gluten free.

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