Yoghurt & Cucumber Salad

Yoghurt & Cucumber Salad

There are two ways to make this delicious side, each just as quick and simple. I served this with roast veg and salads, but it’d be great at a bbq or with something spicy.

Option 1:

Finely chop whatever fresh herbs you like (I have mint, basil, parsley and dill growing in my garden so I used those). I’d just avoid tough textures like rosemary and thyme. Chives would be great. Mix that into some Greek yoghurt with a splash of Rapeseed or Olive Oil with Garlic. Salt to taste, then mix in the thinly sliced cucumber. You’re done!

Option 2:

Mix Pimp Your Mayo Garlic & Herb into Greek yoghurt until it’s as tasty as you’d like. You may want to add a splash of olive oil for texture, but it’s up to you. Add some chopped herbs as in Option 1 if you’d like, then mix in the thinly sliced cucumber. That’s all! 


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