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Carolina Reaper & Honey Sauce

Carolina Reaper & Honey Sauce

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Dark as Midnight, our newest sauce uses the world’s hottest chilli: the Carolina Reaper.  At up to 2.1m SHUs it’s nearly twice as hot as the naga or ghost chilli!

Thick, rich but not over-sweet, first up you get the silkiness of the honey, followed by a mellow hit of gently fried garlic, the tang of dark soy sauce and rice wine vinegar, then an almost impercetible build of heat from the Carolina Reapers.  This sticky sauce makes the perfect marinade for all types of dishes, an indispensable addition to stir fries or pulled pork recipes, or – well, use your imagination…



Honey (67%), soy sauce (water, salt, colour E150a, sugar, soybeans 10%, wheat) (12%), rice vinegar (contains sulphites), garlic (8%), Carolina Reaper chillies (1.5%), rapeseed oil


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