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ECCC Chilli Sauce Gift Set

ECCC Chilli Sauce Gift Set

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5x 60ml hot sauce

The sauce selection varies from set to set. The possible flavours include:

Extra Hot Habanero & Naga Chilli Sauce: Extra Hot: Great Taste Award winner

Carolina Reaper & Honey: Hot; made with Carolina reaper chillies, honey, soy sauce and garlic; Great Taste Award winner

Habanero and Lime: Hot; made with fresh lime and tomatoes; Great Taste Award Winner

Hot & Fruity: Hot; a fruity sauce with naga chillies and tomatoes 

Garlic & Habanero: Medium; Great Taste Award winner; tomato-based with garlic and habanero chillies

Chipotle Chilli Ketchup: Medium; A spicy, smoky tomato ketchup

Thai Style Chilli Sauce: Mild; A sweet sauce with garlic and chilli

Mango Chilli Sauce : Extra mild; extra tasty sauce that tastes of sunshine.

Not all of the sauces are gluten free, vegan or vegetarian, so we can’t guarantee the sets will suit dietary requirements.  You are welcome to contact us to see if we can accommodate requirements but it may not be possible.



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