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Truffle: White or Black?
Truffles are an edible fungus that grows underground. Specially trained dogs are used to find them, hence the high prices. They pack a delicious flavour that’s something like garlic-y mushrooms. There are two main types of truffle: white and black. But what’s the difference?
These have the strongest flavour and aroma. The taste is garlic-y. They refuse to be cultivated, so they only grow in specific places in Croatia, France and Italy, hence why they’re so expensive.
These have an earthier aroma, which matches their slightly nutty taste. Like the white, these still have that garlic-y mushroom taste, but it’s less pungent, so these tend to blend better into sauces. These are originally from Périgord in France, but are now grown in other parts of Europe, Australia and California too.
We stock a range of condiments using both black and white truffles. Try them with chips, on pasta, on salad and in sauces and soups.